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Consulting & Advisory

We provide specialist consulting services to support your business in India in the short, medium or long term. Combined with our vast sector and service expertise, the key to our consultancy style is partnership; we’ll work to understand the challenges that your business is facing, then bring on board our local and global experts to provide the precise business consultancy support you require.

Fixed Assets Management

Fixed asset management is a secretarial process that seeks to track fixed assets for valuation, financial accounting, precautionary maintenance, and theft prevention. Organizations face significant challenges to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, depreciation status and valuation of tangible assets.
Having the correct information concerning fixed assets in the right moment is a plus advantage for you company. Our consultants use the best international practices and existing technology in order to offer solutions to every client.

Definition of policies and procedures.
Digital- Fixed asset management solution
Advice on the management of investment projects.
Inventory taking, identification of fixed assets and physical-accounting.
Implementation of fixed assets control systems (bar codes and handheld).
Update of database in accounting management system.
Cost segregation study and useful life

Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

  1. The normal rules of business don’t stop when it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Pragmatic solutions still matter. So does ROI. That’s why we make sure that your strategy, operations and customer value proposition don’t simply address sustainability concerns but maximize the opportunities they present. From efficiency gains to differentiated product offerings, a greater focus on sustainability can not only help address an increasingly urgent situation but inspire and propel changes that generate significant long-term value.

Our approach ensures that sustainability is embedded in your core strategy and strengthens your business. We’ll help you focus on the actions that will endure and produce positive and valuable results across a full spectrum of critical sustainability issues, from climate change and plastics recycling to the development of sustainable food systems and participation in ESG investing.

Business Operations Consulting

Operations business advisory specialists can help you increase operational effectiveness and efficiency to gain a competitive advantage. Our operations consulting services yield better utilisation of resources, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Standards or Procedures for Business operations

Cost optimisation through Process Improvement

Every organization wants to optimise or reduce its costs. Fewer costs means higher profit margins and a more secure budget for your organization – whether that’s an intelligence agency, a large enterprise or a middle-market bank.
Yet, reducing costs isn’t always a straightforward task. Some costs are fixed, others are critical to operations and others might be eradicated only to show up at a different part of your process. In order to most effectively reduce expenses in your organization, you need a cost reduction strategy. When crafting your cost reduction strategy, don’t leave out the critical role of organizational process improvement. With a process improvement approach, you don’t simply trim budget figures or cut costs arbitrarily. Rather, operational process improvements make your organization more effective from top to bottom, eliminating wasteful spending and ensuring that new expenses don’t creep in to replace old ones

i. Feasibility Study & Assessment: Just as the name implies, you’re asking, “Is this feasible?”. For example, do you have or can you create the technology to do what you propose? Do you have the people, tools and the resources necessary? And, will the project get you the ROI you expect?
When should you do a feasibility study? It should be done during that point in the project life cycle after the business case has been completed.
So, that’s the “what” and the “when” but how about the “why?” Meaning, why do you need a feasibility study? Well, it determines the factors that will make the business opportunity a success, making it pretty important.

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